Every man, woman, and child on the planet is a three-part being:  spirit, soul, and body.  Since the spirit is the core of who we REALLY are, if that part's not doing well, it's just a matter of time--sometimes a short time, sometimes decades--before a breakdown in the other parts occur.

Furthermore, it is the spirit which was created in the image of God...each with a unique, design, and purpose to live a life on this earth that would testify of the goodness and glory of our Creator.  In order for us to effectively carry out this mission, we have to BE spirit.

Hungry for Wholeness--the book and the workshop--invites everyone who has had a fractured, broken, strained, or non-existent relationship with his or her father to embark on a journey to BE Well... along a path of recognition, repentance, and receiving.

  • Father-Shift Conference 2012 - Keynote Speaker

  • All Nations Baptist Church, September 2013 - Scripture to Life Speaker

  • Jobs Corps, July 2015 -- Guest Speaker

  • Father-Shift Conference 2016 - Keynote Speaker & Workshop Leader